Taiwan Barber aka Too Deep is the owner and artist for Bloody Rain Productions, Imperial Entertainment & 1-800-Do-Work, A commission member on the Board of The Winning Team and the host of Turn Up Tuesdays a syndicated radio show on The Entertainment World Wide Network. He wrights and records all of his music in his studio. He is currently touring the US with artist like Lil Flip. Bone, Ray Lavender, Mike Jones, Slim Thug Baby savage and more on the GOG tour. He is also working with The Winning Team (Don Jr CEO) as well as other producers such as Timothy McClure (Utopian Umbrella) in the studio and abroad.


Luis M Nunez aka DJ Dare Devil

We are KFSM Radio I am Matthew Saracho, a long-time friend of Luis M. Nunez. The two of us are totally blind, but I thank God that has not stopped either of us from doing anything in life. And as proof of this, we now have a website up and running. This is KFSM Radio.

In 2011, we were known as Music and food work, but for some reason things didn’t go as planned in the direction we were heading. But flash forward to 2014, we became Family Services and More Radio. Today, after spending months talking about our name, we decided that KFSM Radio would catch your attention.

What to Expect

You will hear an outstanding variety of programming put on by us, as well as anybody with a gift and passion for live broadcasting on the internet. That’s why, it is important to us to have people on our side to help in any way they can.

You’ll hear the latest hip-hop and R&B tracks, along with our vast collection of music in Spanish for our Spanish-speaking audience. And hey, if that isn’t enough, you’re gonna get a weekly program, featuring those great oldies from years gone by. Those big hits, and rare 45’s that local radio has surely forgotten about these days! If that isn’t enough, you will also hear great Christian programming, featuring teaching from the everlasting Word of God, presented by great pastors of this country and the rest of the world. Not to mention music of inspiration, by artists like Kirk Franklin, Jars of Clay, Fred Hammond, Casting Crowns, etc.

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