Take a trip into the mind of Too Deep in the hart felt flash back of life staring Ty Barber.

Take a trip into the mind of Too Deep in the hart felt flash back of life staring Ty Barber.…


Ricky V


A MOTIVATIONAL hip-hop music video designed to increase confidence and ELEVATE swag!!!!! Video directed and edited by [email protected] Lyrics written and performed by Ricky V & Five1 Track 6 on Hold My Own mixtape vol. 2

Andre Williams Music Man


(Permission), Our New Album Has Arrived, Andre Williams & Ecstasy, feat (King Camil) Also- Available on,Google Play,iHeart Radio,Tidal,Target Music,Amazon on Demand,Groove,Youtube Music,Spotify,E-Music,Simfy Africa,Itunes & Apple Store.Rhapsody,Deezer,Juke,Claromusica,N.Music,& 8Tracks.21 Songs, on this Album, We Appreciate All Of Your Support*& To All of the Dj’s who have been Playing our Songs, Much Love!!!


When you stare into the eyes of Jermaine Clarkson aka “JLC,” it’s very surreal. Over 20 years of pain, setbacks, incarceration, peaks and valleys, passion, & success. The pure genius of JLC is his ability to transform sharp visuals into beautiful poems of music. JLC delivers lyrics which captivates the imagination & appeals to your innermost fantasies & realities. With many releases under his belt including this masterpiece titled “Lex Luger” is being called the next hit my many so please enjoy share this video as well as subscribe to this channel!!! Spotify:… Website: Instagram: Twitter: FB:
This video represents the process of ups and downs of artist and their levels of rise and falls. This montage is part of the movie “MIC CHECK ONE 2”. This movie and music video is presented by “IN THE MOVIES” a SEC OPS DBA. Courtesy of “SLY ENTERTAINMENT RECORDS” a SEC OPS DBA. Marketed by “SLY ENTERTAINMENT MARKETING” a SEC OPS DBA. Special thanks to ICE SQUAD ENTERTAINMENT for latting us borrow Lamont Nanton aka POPP DA RIPPA.

Official music video for Bria’s debut single, “Here With Me.” Produced by Donnie Klang Directed by: Chris Reeder / Crucial Republic Follow me: Twitter: Instagram:… Copyright (C) 2017