The Covid 19 (Coronavirus) has truly tested our faith. We have lost loved ones without even having the ability to spend time with them prior to them passing on. We have lost Mom’s, Dad’s, Sisters, Brothers, Sons, Daughters, Nieces, Nephews, Grandmas, Grandpas, Husbands and Wive’s you name it. And we cannot and will not let their names and legacy be forgotten.
Taiwan Barber owner of The KFSM Radio Network LLC., Mixleplix Tv’s Guess Who’s Trending, James Bagley, Chip Lindsey and Rosie Davis have teamed up to bring you “THE VOICES OF COVID” 
The Voices Of Covid Roku TV Edition is a TV show/series that will be hosted by Radio and TV personality Too Deep and aired on the Mixleplix TV channel on Roku.
This show will HONOR THE MEMORY of our Loved ones by allowing surviving family members to submit a short Remembrance Video telling the life story of the one’s they lost to this pandemic and if you or someone in your family has made a remembrance song and or video we will air it all on one of the Largest Tv streaming platforms in the world ROKU Tv. We want to make sure that our loved ones are REMEMBERED FOREVER.
Everyday we lose more family members to this disease and we have already received 20+ stories and videos. So we have started writing the treatment and script for the show but need your help with the recording and advertising budget.
The funds raised will be used to create the perfect stage setting to honor our loved ones, recording & lighting equipment, production & editing, terrestrial radio promo champaign, live cable Tv promo champaign, social media promo champaign, internet radio champaign, Magazine write-up’s and a billboard champaign.
This is the minimum budget needed to create and air this project using the equipment and manpower that we already have available. With a larger budget we would be able to utilize some of our outside sources to assist with the production of this project.
If you or someone you know is willing to assist the with Radio, Tv, Magazine, Billboard, Graphics and Social Media Marketing that would be a great help.
Everyday millions of people are effected by this virus. Some lose their life and everyone around them is affected and some have recovered but the results are still the same everyone around them is affected some how.
Lets not let or loved ones memory be lost because of the pandemic. Let us all come together and speak for them so they are NEVER FORGOTTEN.